How To Tag Someone Without Showing Their Name On Instagram

Here we are with another incredible Instagram hack! This one is about the Instagram story section. We want to see if it is possible to tag someone on an Instagram story without showing their name.

Many people use the Instagram story to share things on the app. The program has lots of tools to make your story look nice for people who watch it.

But now, we are not here to talk about its observable features! We want to know if we can tag a user on our Instagram story without them being seen.

We have four amazing ways to solve this problem. In the following parts, we will elaborate on all of them and show you different ways to add someone’s Instagram account to your story content so that others can’t see them.

Let’s start and see the tips right away.

How to tag users on the Instagram story without showing their names?

If you use an Instagram tag, you can talk to other users in your story or post. They will get a notification when you tag them, and they can see your content.

After choosing the content, you want to share in the story section, follow the steps below to tag whoever you wish to without displaying their name.

  • Swipe the tag off your phone screen or make it smaller

Open the Instagram app, then select the add story icon on the top left-hand side of your screen. You will be able to choose which photo or video you want to add to your story.

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To tag a user on the Instagram story and then make it invisible, follow these steps:

  1. After selecting the photo, you want to add to your story, find the ‘Aa’ button on the top of the screen.
  2. Select the “mention” option from the bar.
  3. Enter the username of the someone you want to tag in the story, then select their account when it appears.
  4. Use your index finger to slide the tag as far as you can possibly go (left or right) until it disappears from the phone screen. The tag will still be there, but it won’t show on the story.
  5. Then again, you can use your fingers and repeatedly close them together to smaller the tag.
  6. Finally, the tag will be so tiny that no one can see it on your shared story.

After you share the story, the users will be notified, but others who see your story can’t see the tags you have added.

The other way you can hide a tag on your story is to add a sticker to the label. Let’s see how it works.

  • Add a sticker to hide the tag

As mentioned above, this is another way to hide the tag/mention in your story section. All you have to accomplish is adding your favorite sticker from the bar and place it on the tag.

Follow the steps below to add a sticker to your story and hide the tag:

  1. After choosing the photo or video for sharing on the story, mention the user in your content.
  2. You can use the mentioned sticker or write it using @ and then the username.
  3. The next step is tapping on the sticker button and adding a sticker suitable to your content.
  4. Then use your fingers to move it and place it on the username you have mentioned.
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Using this way, you can cover anything you want in the story. One tip has remained; it is also helpful if you don’t want to add any stickers to the story. Let’s learn more about it.

  • Have you ever heard of “shared post?”

At the beginning of this topic, we learned 4 tricks to hide the username we have tagged on our story. This is the other tip.

Consider you want to share a post on the story and tag your friend, how can you hide the mention?

To hide mentions using a shared post, you have to:

Once you add the tag, make it smaller than the post, and then tap and hold the shared post to reposition it and cover the name.

If you want to add invisible hashtags, you can use all these tips to hide any hashtag you have added.



The last tip is changing the color the way your tag seems invisible!

To explain it briefly, you have four ways to tag someone on the Instagram story without showing their name:

  1. Swipe the tag off your phone screen or make it smaller, so no one can see it.
  2. Add a sticker to hide the tag.
  3. Use the “shared post” and place it over the tag or mention.
  4. Change the tag’s color.

Use these methods to hide tags, mentions, and even hashtags if you don’t want anybody to see them. They all come in handy in this case.

I hope you can use these hacks and be comfortable tagging or mentioning anyone you like! If you have a crush on someone and want to tag him/her on your story without others being able to see them, just choose one of these ways and send love to your crush.

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In the end

To conclude the subject together, adding an Instagram mention and making it invisible isn’t difficult at all to execute. If you follow our guidance in this paper, you will finish it quickly.

We have offered handy ways to add invisible hashtags by making the mention or hashtag smaller or even changing the color.



On top of that, there are many different and attractive stickers on Instagram that you can make the tag invisible by adding on top of the mentions.

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