How To Search & Find Gifs On Instagram Story?

Among all of Instagram’s updates and features, making a story is one of the most welcomed features that has been introduced.

Stories are the handiest features, and they help us let others know when we post something in the feed.

The other feature of making a story is that it helps you create different content types rather than posts.

Even if you don’t have any idea for posting anything, you can make the story and still be active.

But making a story requires ability and creativity. We have to impress the audience and make them stay and pay attention to our story longer.

How can we do that? How can we make our stories better?

The answer is using GIFs. After choosing your photo, writing your caption, and adding some emojis, it is time for Gifs.

This amazing feature is so attractive and valuable that we suggest using them instead of emojis in your stories.

Now let’s find out how to search GIFs, find the related ones, and use them in our stories.

First, let’s find out where the gifs are placed?

Now it’s time to search and select among thousands of attractive and valuable GIFs.

  • After going in the feed, swipe to the right or tap on the “your story” at the top of the feed.
  • Select your favorite photo.
  • Tap on the smiley square face.
  • The GIF option will appear next to others.

If you want to announce that you have posted a new photo, add it to your story and search for “New Post” or “tap here” in the GIF section.

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Using GIFs for Instagram Stories is an exciting way to grab your audiences’ attention and bold some information in the story.

You can search for GIFs with keywords like a link in bio, swipe-up, sound on, and others to put them in the story and make them interact with you.

Another great option is pinning your Gifs. This ability allows you to fix your GIFs in a particular place to pop up at a specific moment, making your stories more attractive and grabbing your followers’ attention.

How to pin your GIFs?

  • Select and press your finger on the GIF and place it in the desired place.

Choose the time you want to pop it up and select the “pin.”

If you’re going to change it again, you have to hold on to it again and do that process.


Another tip: Also, you can add things like smoke, snow, and rain to your steady photo and make it alive. Smoke on your coffee mug, snow in the snowy, and rain in the rainy photo that you have taken.

Did you know that you can make and create your GIFs in the GIF section?

Giphy is a site where you can make your pack of GIFs. It can be helpful for those who have their brands and want to make unique GIFs to put in the story.

Since this ability is for verified brands on Instagram, you can increase your brand’s personality by creating unique GIFs.

Last words

With the GIFs, you can make perfection out of your photo in the story part and bit your competence in the marketing, making an upper engagement rate. Take this feature seriously because it is more than what it sounds.

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If your content is attractive and creative, and if you use your personal brand’s GIFs, you will get more followers, and you will be able to develop your business.

Don’t forget this great option if you have a private account or don’t run a business but still want to be creative with your stories. You know how to search and find them on Instagram.

But remember, don’t overuse it! Keep everything simple and unique. Don’t make your audience’s sight tired with lots of moving photos.

Yes, there are many options for making your stories better, but use them properly.

Do you have any other sets of cute Gifs, and how do you make your story attractive and eye-catching?

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